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Here's some stuff I posted recently (some of it may be old/from my never ending photo backlog)

Posted Week of November 27th

Events: Owl Moon Raptor Festival 2022

Cemeteries: Woodlawn Cemetery: Animals 2022

Randomshots: Fauna 2022

Randomshots: Flora: Wins Garden

Randomshots: Friends and Family

Randomshots: Sites: Cities and Towns: Ellicott City

Posted Week of November 13th

Scenes 2022: Lunar Eclipse

Posted Week of November 6th

Spectacles: Alice in Wonderland Scavenger Hunt

Friends and Family

Friends and Family: Baltimore Krampus

Friends and Family: Uncustomary

Malachi: Fifteen Years Old

Aiesha: 18 Years Old

Druid Hill Park: 2021

Posted Week of July 3rd

Car Shows: Pep Boys Speed Shop June 17 2022

Car Shows: OEC Throwback Saturday 2022

Car Shows: Historic Ellicott City Cars and Coffee June 19 2022

Cylburn: Gardens 2022

Cylburn: Summer 2022

Friends and Family

Wilde Lake: Animals

Wilde Lake

Lake Elkhorn

Lake Elkhorn: Animals

Pickle Gifts

Still Lifes

Randomshots Vehicles: Cars and Trucks

52 Frames Challenges 2022

Friends and Family

Kids Together 2022

Aiesha: 18 Years Old


Cemeteries: Woodlawn Cemetery

Cemeteries: Woodlawn Cemetery Animals 2022

Malachi: Fifteen Years Old

Posted Week of June 26th

Mount Vernon Flower Mart 2022

Baltimore Wanderings: Station North

Baltimore Wanderings: Midtown

Baltimore Wanderings: Mount Vernon

Miracle Makers of MD Carshow 2022

Grafitti Alley

Walters: 1 West Mount Vernon Place

Walters: Activating the Renaissance

Walters: Majolica Mania

Walters: Chamber of Wonders

Walters: Selections From the 19th Century

AVAM: The Secret Life of Earth

AVAM: The Science and Mystery of Sleep

Posted Week of June 5th

Woodlawn Cemetery: Animals 2022

Aiesha: 18 Years Old

Malachi 8th Grade Graduation

Posted Week of May 29th

Cylburn: Gardens 2022

Cylburn: Seasons: Spring 2022

Brookside: Perennial

Brookside: Trash Art

Brookside: Visitor Center Area

Brookside: Wedding Gazebo

Randomshots: Fauna 2022

Brookside Gardens

Random Shots: 52 Frames Challenges 2022

Woodlawn Cemetery: Animals 2022

Hyacinths at the Rawlings Conservatory

Aiesha's Eighteenth Birthday Parties

Girl Scouts Magnificent Metals Ceremony

Malachi 15 Years Old

Posted Week of May 22nd

Events AVAM: Rebecca's Going Farewell Carnival

Brookside: Rose Garden 2019

Brookside: Rose Garden 2021

Posted Week of May 8th

Brookside: Aquatic Garden

Brookside: Azalea Garden

Brookside: Japanese Tea House

Brookside: Fragrance Garden

Brookside: Maple Terrace

Brookside Gardens

Posted Week of April 24th

Lake Kittamaqundi

Animals at Lake Kittamaqundi

Daffodils at the Rawlings Conservatory

Desert Room at the Rawlings Conservatory

Decorations at the Rawlings Conservatory

Exterior at the Rawlings Conservatory

Hyacinths at the Rawlings Conservatory

Mediterranean Room at the Rawlings Conservatory

North Pavilion at the Rawlings Conservatory

Orchid Room at the Rawlings Conservatory

Palm House at the Rawlings Conservatory

South Pavilion at the Rawlings Conservatory

Tropical Room at the Rawlings Conservatory

Tulips at the Rawlings Conservatory

Magnolias at the Cylburn Arboretum

Springtime at the Cylburn Arboretum

Gardens at the Cylburn Arboretum

Wilde Lake

Animals at Wilde Lake

Druid Ridge Cemetery

Old Salem Church and Cemetery

Green Mount Cemetery

Greek Orthodox Cemetery

New Cathedral Cemetery

Loudon Park Cemetery

Posted Week of March 6th

BMA Contemporary Art

Walters Art Museum Betty Cooke: The Circle and the Line

Walters Art Museum Chamber of Wonders

BMA Thaddeus Mosley: Forest

BMA The Honorable Elijah E. Cummings Portrait by Jerrell Gibbs

BMA Richard Yarde- Beyond the Savoy

BMA Sculpture Garden

Boy Scouts Colin A Eagle Scout Project

Boy Scouts Blue and Gold Ceremony 2022

52 Frames 2022

Southwest Area Park

Posted Week of Feb 20th

Centennial Park

BMA Oceania Art

Boy Scouts Car Wash Fundraiser

Rawlings Conservatory Orchid House

Rawlings Conservatory Med Room

Rawlings Conservatory Exterior

Rawlings Conservatory Tropical Room

Druid Hill Park

Wing Gundam Zero Mobile Suit XXXG-00W0

Still Lifes

Cylburn Winter 2021

Cylburn Winter 2022

Posted Week of Jan 30th

BMA American Art

BMA African Art

Animals in Woodlawn Cemetery

Lake Elkhorn

Posted Week of Jan 23rd

Friends in Focus at Soldiers Delight

2021 52 Frames

2022 52 Frames

Friends and Family

Soliders Delght Nature Center

Pickle Gifts

Buddy Attack Lake Park

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